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    Need help to decide VPS

    Hi everybody
    I have a total of 5 websites. 4 of them are pretty small sites with around 50-150 unique users each, but one has a popular forum and growing every day. Daily unique visitors to this site is around 1000 and my hosting company (I have a reseller account) has nicely told me to find another company (they said they can't carry this site) last week.
    I've been searching on WHT for couple of days, and I believe VPS is a good solution for me (since dedicated servers are pretty expensive).
    Do you think a $50 VPS package would be enough for my needs? I've focused on two company names serverint and powervps. Could you recommend one to another and why?
    Also I've always used CPanel until today, even though I've read the details for Plesk option, I'd like to hear the actual differences. How can I choose CPanel or Plesk?
    thanks in advanve for the answers

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    I recommend

    They're very friendly and very fast support.

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    I've a full time job and I'm pretty busy. I want to be involved as minimum as possible with the server issues. How much of the work do they accept you to do? and also are there any extra costs along the way?

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    I also had many problems with DDOS attacks with my current hosting. Would either of these companies protect my account against DDOS attacks?

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    i would recommend servint, you get more for your bang for your buck
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