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    A good VPS provider with direct admin?

    I'm looking to spend under $50 a month for a VPS with direct admin...

    I took a look at VPS colo and they have a very enticing special right now, but I've heard bad things about them. Servint doesn't offer DA anymore so that's not an option..

    Any recommendations? How is VPS Colo's service in terms of speed and uptime? I just might go with them..

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    I am sure if you contact ServInt they would be willing to hook you up with a VPS that includes DirectAdmin
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    4,156 does offer DA although it may not be listed on their web site. We had a ServInt VPS for a few months last year and we were using DA.

    Send an e-mail to
    What's your budget?

    Seriously, what's your budget?

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    Check out they offer vps's with DA

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    Check out this thread;

    ALOT of providers offer this....
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    I contacted servint. They said they no longer offer DA. But I'll ask them if they can give me a custom server with DA
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    A reply to my request:

    Unfortunately this is not possible.

    We did have a DirectAdmin beta program a while back, but that has since
    ended. Some DirectAdmin customers do exist on our network, but it is not
    an option that we are actively providing. Currently we provide cPanel and
    Plesk Reloaded as our supported Control Panel options. Once DirectAdmin is
    officially released, clients will be able to make the switch from cPanel
    or Plesk to DirectAdmin for merely a $10 control panel change fee. Until
    then, we are unable to accept new beta clients.

    I don't have an ETA on when DirectAdmin will be officially released. Much
    depends on the software release schedules of third-party organizations, so
    it is impossible for us to judge. We do hope to be able to launch a
    DirectAdmin product soon, but I can offer no guarantees. Sorry I don't
    have better news for you.

    -Christian Dawson

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    You might want to check out PowerVPS.

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    Originally posted by pztup
    You might want to check out PowerVPS.
    Yeah I think I've narrowed down my choice to PowerVPS. They look very good!
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    You could always get a VPS without a control panel and buy directadmin yourself.

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    You can check it at
    They offer a VPS plan with Direct Admin at your budget.

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    Originally posted by VAInternational
    Yeah I think I've narrowed down my choice to PowerVPS. They look very good!
    Good Choice, They have excellent support and setup times. Charles setup my VPS in 10mins after I ordered from them. The only thing that took long was Directadmin license, that took 3hrs later.

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    I've used PowerVPS for the last two months and couldn't be happier. The system is installed and configured correctly, so there's been no need to contact support.

    They announced that the servers will be down for scheduled maintenance for a few hours this weekend. We'll see how that goes...

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    well, I just ordered from PowerVPS and their support was nothing but fantastic. They made my migration a breeze. And they put me on a dual opteron 250 server with 8 gigs of ram! I'm very pleased

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