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    WHM/cPanel disable FTP Accounts

    I tried to create a package in WHM with no ftp access by setting ftp accounts to 0.
    I have created a feature list for this account that has everything mentioning ftp turned off.

    When I go to the cPanel for this account I see that the ftp manager is still there but has no functions within. It shows no FTP accounts.

    In the left column it says FTP accounts 1/0. This seems strange. I expected 0/0.

    I then confirmed that there is indeed a FTP account with full privileges_for that user.

    I was hoping to create a package with absolutely no FTP access. Is it possible?
    I see hosts doing this for free accounts so that users are forced to use the File Manager and I would like to do the same.


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    I don't honestly believe this is possible in WHM, although once the account is created, you could SSH into root and edit the user file for whatever ftpd you are using to remove that account...

    I'm not sure if WHM will overwrite that edit the next time you add a client or edit ftp settings...

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