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    Lightbulb What to look for in a VPS hosting offer?

    I'm starting the quest to find a new home for my site. Analysing the VPS providers offers, I'm starting to develop my criteria. Would you give me some more suggestions?

    The basic criteria are due to the site caracteristics: I need at least 30Mb of bandwidth, just one ip, and 5Gb of space. I don't need much processing power, but I'll need to run a Zope application server, so the more memory, the better. Linux has been my primary OS in the last 6 years, so I don't need fancy admin interfaces, just the good ole root ssh access.

    Now beyond this and the price here what I'm using to decide:

    1) Support forums. The provider must have a place where the users can exchange information and complain.

    2)Daily backups. A great plus. At least would like to be able to make backups outside the metered bandwidth.

    3)Geographically dispersed DNS servers. Sure there are free ones over there, but it is better to have inside the package.

    4)Firewall and DDoS protection. Let them workout the script kiddies.

    5) Backup MX mail server. Good, but not really necessary.

    6)Security upgrades. Great If I don't have to take care of it.

    7) Search WebHostingTalk to see people opinions.

    Almost all my visitors are from Brazil, I don't know how I can use this info to help me.

    Would you have other tips for me?

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    You may want to consider a VPS from without a control panel. I believe if you ask ServInt by support e-mail they perfrom security updates for you. ServInt also has a great forum for clients and daily backups for free which are not included in your metered bandwidth.
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