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    Angry Headach !!! moving site to new host

    I am moving one of my site to a 'new host' , I want to transfer my website without or minimum downtime, so before setup
    nameserver i need to transfer all to your serevr.html and DB.

    Then I start please have a look my temporary site index page apper but when I click inside page it want come, can you see that? where is the problem.

    For 1st email, my 'new host' did give 'good' answer how to solve it, he told ' have to modify your code'

    What should I do? change all....code like about.html to then it is a headach, any help?

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    Damm i'm pissed, i just typed a nice long explination of what I am about to try and tell you, hit submit, and it wouldnt let me because I haven't made five posts yet, and I used a URL in my example ( it was w w w . your-domain . c o m )....


    Make sure that your graphics/pictures have the same file structure on both servers and that all graphics are present on both servers.

    Secondly, figure out how the links are made, are they going through a domain? Or are they just local links...

    if they are going through a domain then as soon as your backup server kicks in, the domain should switch over to your backup server, and thus the graphics will work, they may justn ot be working right now beucase the domain is resolving elsewhere.

    Other then that i'm not really sure, but i'm sure there's a way to do it without changing a shitload of code.
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    316 I didn't up load images yet, but I just can't see inner pages in this server, I know I didn't change name server, I won't do that everything is clear...

    just try this

    My 'new host' is no way to understand this......
    please help somebody..

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    this might be a good example and reason to create relative links ie.. /images/image.gif rather than let me know if you want me to really look at it N/C. A bunch of your links point to not sure, but looks like that may have been your domain that is no longer resolving to that space.
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    thanks guys,....
    after 3 emails my new host find it..

    in my old server (current active site) i use .htaccess file with this cord

    AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

    that is what making this, but I want to use this to run a script in my site.....Is it possible to use that after I change name server too.....or
    is because this temporary site?

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    I'm not sure I understand what you are saying because your English is very unclear. But from what I understand, you are attempting to run a PHP script, and it is not working for you? Does the host support PHP?

    If you could possibly use clearer English then we might be able to understand a bit better.

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    Take it easy, sometimes is not easy to move a script from one place to another because of the config files and folders.

    I think you will start to cry if you try changing a cgi-perl application.

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