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    domain transfer from enom.

    I apply for transfer a domain from enom on 3 Feb, before this date domain un-locked. Domain transfer request also approved same date. But still that domain not come transfer to my registrar.
    Its my first time transfer domain from enom.
    Can any one tell me how much time enom take to transfer domain to other registrar.

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    I would kindly email enom or call them, also email or call your gaining registar to see what the hold up is, usualy they will say "Email your registar (losing) to see what the hold up is" etc...

    HOw long ago did you reg this domain name? Don't forget this is a waiting game as well... as the military life is "Hurry up and wait" Enjoy


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    Also dont forget that the loosing registrar will wait for 5 days after the domain enters pending transfer to allow the registrant ample enough time to cancell should it be a fraudulant transfer, or even a mistake, or you change your mind, etc. That 5 day period starts when the registry starts the transfer and places the domain into that status - that could be as much as 24 hours after you respond to the email from the gaining registrar.

    For more info you could check the help desk at eNom, I know that all of this is pretty well documented there - but as its day 5 right now, I wouldnt start worrying until day 7 hits . .

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    Sometimes it takes more than five days period. I have experienced upto seven days the most. Don't worry if the transfer is confirmed from both registrars then within a day or two transfer will be completed. [ We are online Since 2004! ]
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