I would like to let everyone know about a new domain host out there, Megmaster.com.

Offering:$4 /month domain hosting, no set-up fees, 20 POP3 addresses, unlimited aliases, full CGI-BIN, PHP, Mysql, SSI, and FrontPage Extentions!

Even though this is a new domain hosting company we are by no means new to hosting services. Currently we operate two free webspace providers http://www.envy.nu and http://www.virtue.nu hosting a combine total of well over 100,000 users, as well as over 40 collocated servers. All housed in a secure location with 24 onsite monitoring and triple redundant multihomed OC3 connectivity.

Check us out and see what you think. If you aren't interested in Domain hosting at this time maybe you know someone who is or would be interested in our soon to be offered reseller program or affiliate program.