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    Apple MAC popularity

    Are Machintosh computers still popular in the US? According to the statistics of my website, only 0.5...1.0% of the visitors use MACs.
    Do you prefer PC or MAC for your _office_ computer?

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    I would think the mac is growing in popularity, but I can not say that they have been growing in the since of web hosting or online servers. Though I do know of some out there. Apple is one of those companies that seem to come back from the dead & currently is trying to regain the home users. The idea is smart, as the more people who use it at home will want it at work in time.

    The Mac mini has been sold out in retail store and even on Heck, there is even a site you can get free mac mini's now. lol So I'd say they are slowly growing back with popularity.

    Guess the iPod held up to their dream standards.
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    If they can keep prices low, and keep lowering prices. Apple will take over. However, we know they are making huge strides, but macs are still expensive.

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    14 million osx users or something like that

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