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    get a "do not honor" error trying to pay via cc on 2co

    hey guys

    anyone else had that before?

    i entered all my details i'm sure correctly and keep getting a credit card authorization error, "Reason For Failure: Do Not Honor"

    my card is a visa barclaycard

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    Sound very much like a serious case of

    No Money

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    i hope not, that card should have credit on it, not be in credit. But that's what that error would mean is it?

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    that means your credit card provider has closed your account due to lack of funds, or possibly fraud.

    call your credit card company up, and ask them what's wrong with it.

    here's a relevant thread:

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    thanks for the link ub3r, i'll definetly have to give them a call in the morning, i bought a couple of domains with the card just yesterday! weird!

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    The error is supposed to be interpreted by the merchant. "do not honor" is really short for "do not honor purchase", meaning "don't give this guy what he is trying to purchase".

    Good luck, pay your bills.

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