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    Home inspections template needed

    I'm looking for an affordable template for a Home Inspection company. They basically inspect homes for people buying a place, tell then whats wrong with it etc. I'm looking for something attractive but it doesn't need to be something one puts days of hard work into Just something with a "buying a new house" feel to it.

    If you have something premade thats exellent, otherwise can you give me a qoute on creating a custom one. Email to or post here. PM's/chat etc will not be accepted.


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    hey, i can do this for you. Should be maybe 30 bucks to wip one up? I can go lower if you need. IM me at iDeviseFlash

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    Hello u2mike, IDS Solutions can create high quality templates for reasonable prices. Please visit our website at: and view some of our work in the Clients page.

    If interested please use the form on the Contact page for a fast quote.

    Thank You

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