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    * Lypha "the party" nott

    Hi everyone
    Yer I'm new here ..
    Hoping to get a clue as to if anyone has had anything to do with the hosting company LYPHA
    "I use the term company very very lightly"

    I was wondering how much chance I had at getting accsess to the domain registration details that they registered for me "free" with the package I stupidly purchased from them just a few weeks ago.

    Since I made the request to them for those details to transfer outta their "in a hurry" I havnt had a responce ?

    Probabley their home site sever is hosted with themselves and has fallen off the planet just like all their customers ones ?

    Any clues as to how to get my domain name back would be very appreciated

    I wish some one had steered me at this place a few weeks ago ..

    thanks in advance

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    Yer I was nutts at the time but I went and took a 6 months package with them :-(
    I was also wondering if refunds from LYPHA was a remote possibility ?

    thanks again

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    1st step is to do a whois on your domain - something like will help

    from that you should be able to see
    (a) if you are the admin contcat [which would be good]
    (b) who the actual registrar is [which will be the people to contact next]
    (c) wether the domain is locked [which will need to be removed before you can transfer it]

    HTH, if you need more specific advice, PM me the domain name
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    Thumbs down

    When I first got into hosting, I kept seeing Lypha on all of the top 10 lists so I decided to give them a try. The first month was fine because I didn't have any major problems. But then I noticed their site kept being down all the time and support tickets would linger on forever.

    The company does not have a human that works in the United States. Their mailing address is Miami, FL while their voice mail and fax systems are in Washington State. I also checked with the Better Business Bureau and found they had an "F" rating. When I did get support replies, they were in broken English and I had to enter another reply and wait.

    When I got ready to move my sites Lypha was not willing to release the site and kept ignoring the transfer requests, my supprt requests and voice mails. It took a month for the transfer to take place and lots of emails to Lypha, ICANN and BBB.

    Good luck in getting any cooperation from anyone at Lypha. By the way, when my site was registered with them it was through someone at Chinanet or something like that. Another impossible person to contact or deal with.

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    Hi frogbert..
    Yes everything you said rings bells here too.
    Service was fine then went too shiteee.

    I also did a little checking and , yes they are definately asian based.
    I gave up and will just wipe off my losses with them now ..
    $150 bucks out the window , but thats life , we learn by our mistakes they say .

    I hope these posts and our experiences serve to warn other though, that will be something good at least to come from the whole mess...

    I have moved servers now over to resellerzoom, they are great.
    Quick service with the support, fast , trouble free so far .

    I think because they are backed by hostingzoom they should be preety good :-)
    Plus they are very cost effective "not too cheap"

    Thanks for the reply's guys..

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