DIYHosting (, a leader in specialised reseller web hosting solutions, today announced the launch of it's Plesk for Windows hosting offering.

In addition to the current Plesk offering for Linux based solutions, DIYHosting officially replaces CPanel, with Plesk, as it's secondary offering behind it's award winning dual operating system H-Sphere solutions.

Managing Director of DIYHosting, Dean Cahl goes on to explain the reasoning behind the push in to the Plesk Windows Market; "Plesk is a control panel that oozes stability, now for both platforms, and gives our customers the ultimate in control and stability".

DIYHosting's launch in to the Windows market for single operating system solutions comes with a full suite of options, including Microsoft SQL server, Tomcat (JSP) support, Dr Web anti-virus support, and a lot more.

"The decision to offer these services to our clients was a relatively easy one to make" says CEO of DIYHosting, Simon O'Rourke. "Plesk has long been a market leader, and with Windows support for Plesk now being at a premium, it was a natural progression, one which our existing clients have been looking for, for over 6 months".

DIYHosting ( was founded in mid 2003, as a subsidiary company of EIRCA Internet Solutions, and is credited with its leading force in the reseller web hosting industry. The mission of establishing DIYHosting has been premium technical support and complete automation. Parented by EIRCA Internet Solutions, a leading force in internet service providing, DIYHosting goes from strength to strength on a daily basis, and currently serves over 5000 domains.

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