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    Question Jaguar's Domain Service

    Does anyone here use as a host? I got access to my server but as of now I can only see it through IP address and when I registed it asked me something about enter your new domain name. Do I have to get the domain myself or do they register for me?

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    The normal answer to this sort of question if to wait until the nameserver information propagates - usually 1 to 3 days.

    However, it sounds like you don't have a domain name at all - is that right?

    Usually when you buy an account from a hosting company, you would have a domain already - correct me if I wrong anybody.


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    Re: Jaguar's Domain Service

    Originally posted by BloodThirsty
    Do I have to get the domain myself or do they register for me?
    When you sign up, did you ask them (usually, there will be an option for this) to register the domain for you or not? Usually registering a domain will cost you additional money besides the sign up fee or monthly hosting fee. If you are sitll not sure, just contact them via their support lines ...


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