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    Picture frame


    Is it possible that a software the size of Photoshop don't have a one click framing option ?
    I've read some tutorials about how to manually do it, however, the problem is I have to do that for 500 pictures!!
    So, how can I automatize the process ?

    Actually, is there any software that offers one-click (or some) framing capability ? and I that I could customize the framings ?

    I need to do this to put a copyright notice to a bunch of photographs.
    So, I think I could add a frame and then add the copyright in the frame.

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    I believe there is an automation engine in photoshop, where you do something once and it'll perform it automatically - Your Chinese Radio Online!

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    There's a tool called History/Action. The Action side of it will allow you to record a Macro. Record the steps you take to apply your frame, then assign those steps a keystroke. Hint: make the final step the selection of the next item on the canvas. This will speed up the process even more.

    Then, open as many pictures as you'd like to process at a time, and start pounding on that key you chose. You'll have the frame applied to all 500 pictures in about three minutes.
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