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    file sync between 2 RHL boxes

    Hi folks,
    We have 2 servers here in my work. Both servers are identical running RHL.

    One of these boxes will be our live site and the other will be pre-production that will act as a fall back should anything happen to live.

    My question though is how can I sync the file contents from live to pre-production - any recommended tools out there?

    Anything that would be able to sync only files that have changed since the last sync would be great.


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    man rsync
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    Thanks Nathan - just found that there online at

    Is it really as simple as that?

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    Yes it is, you can sync almost realtime, if you want realtime take a look to DRDB filesystem. But yes, there are a lot of tutorials/howto's for rsync and it will complete the job

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    rsync is where it is at! Better than bottled beer!

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    yup, rsync can do wonders and has many options that are useful (currently using on a few sites that need clustering). | 10+ Years of Web Hosting Experience!
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