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    Please Review

    I will review your site in exchange =)


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    I don`t like the font used in the header "site name" and smart web hosting would look much better under the site name as your slogan.

    The right table with web features text could do with a stronger colour.

    The graphic of the man looks odd, his nose looks strange.

    Maybe add some table shading to the details of accounts below the man piccy.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks i will try make some changes and see how it looks

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    Nice attempt

    I like the liberal use of "white space" on your site. It's easy on the eyes.

    For some reason, your slogan "smart web hosting" screams of a lack of creativity. It's also in a prominent place so you might want to work on that.

    The webhosting features are hard to make out. White letters on a very light background colour.

    You can probably get a better logo for a very reasonable price.

    Oh, and the guy's nose looks ok to me.

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    Hm on my computer the features on the right are fairly visible although both colors are light. But maybe it's just my monitor. Although on mouse over the links get darker and easy to read i'll work on some darker colors. And on my logo & slogan too.

    PS: i also think his nose is ok :-P

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    Nice site but a few changes should be made IMO.

    1.) The header's font hurts my eyes.

    2.) The right table "Web Hosting Features" should be a darker, stronger color.

    I know these were stated previously .

    You have a nice hosting signup page. Your front index page is not cluttered and that's a good thing!


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    Thanks, im working on those problems!

    If any of you wants me to review their site tell me =)

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    I like the simplicity of it, and I think it is an excellent design. The navigation rollover colors fit perfectly, and the whole site is designed very well. My only suggestion would be to make the background dots closer together and to align the website in the center, not to the left.

    Also, next time please provide a link in your original post to the site =) Just easier than having to copy paste from title =).

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    The dots do look better closer together after all, i think.

    I made a second page where you can see the site in the middle of the page so you can compare: <-- left <-- middle <-- a longer page in the middle

    I also changed the header font and text. It is slightly bigger now and the price is added so it would be visible right away.

    I fixed the background color of the features table a bit. It is nicer now, i think. The text is very readable to me, and other people i asked. Maybe you need to adjust your monitor settings if you can't read it.

    Please tell me your opinions =)
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    OK i put it on center and i do think it kinda looks better but now the little pop up windows appear right over the site. :-(

    Can someone of you test my "testing environment"?
    Should i rename it to "free testing" or something?

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    Nice colors. The name makes me chuckle too


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    I like it, very easy to read. Maybe make a little better use with the header space.

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    If i was you i would change the background to a solid colour, i hate those tack dots

    Also some little thing with your css:

    body isnt a class so take away the dot and move to top of your style sheet

    body { attributes }

    also add
    margin: 0; to body if i was you.

    Nice use of colours btw, i like the overall design

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    Thanks, well im self taught and not very well. =)
    I will try the changes you proposed.

    I'm thinking about the header space. lol

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