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    if you resell a regular server.. you can install a game on it; thereby making it a gameserver ..

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    Yea, sounds about right lol.

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    haha, lol.. there ya go
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    Being a game server reseller, and putting game servers on a dedicated server are different things.

    If you rent a dedicated server, you have to put up a certain amount of money up front (say 150/month), you need to know the Operating System, you need to need to know how to download, install and configure game servers, and you need to know how to manage and secure the machine.

    Game server resellers just have to worry about selling the servers themselves, and pocketing the cash.

    Not many companies offer it, but for the few that do, it is because it solves the need to go out and find the customers, hence saving on advertising.

    We may offer game server reselling soon (though in the UK), giving money back to the reseller on every pair of game servers sold. He, in turn could sell the game servers for more than we do. In addition to which, he could add his own services or expertise to the deal, perhaps by being a 'match organiser' for the clan, or by offering his web design services.


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