Hello yet again.

My website has finally gotten back onto its own two feet and it's better than ever. So I'm now offering very cheap, but effective .25/1000 views for two banners on my website.

My site is already recieving an average of 2,500 unique hits a day with a max of 7,500 in one day and an average of 17k page views per day. I will be using PHPAdsNew and I am a verified Paypal customer, as that's the only way I can accept payments. All orders have to be pre-paid.

My website is http://www.dohgames.com and the banner will be going in the middle above all of the content, and ontop of the download manager, as I would be removing the search bar once I got an advertiser. Below is attached a screenshot of my ensim webalizer stats and on my site below the affiliates is a button for Nedstats link if you'd like to look.

Thanks and happy holidays

(also I've contacted the WHT staff about this a long time ago about my website content, I've made sure I'm not breaking any rules)