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    Thumbs down Stay away from Millennium Data Solutions / /

    I am currently hosting 2 sites with them.
    Now I wanted to move another site to them and the set up was a nightmare (still not done after about a week). I asked for the account to be canceled but even though I have sent them a few emails regarding this, not only did they not refund but they did not even bother to respond.
    I had some problems in the past with their response time to my email request for support. Even though they promised me 24/7 live support with a quick response, they did not deliver:
    - Their support at night is slow to non existent
    - The few times I have called their support (after getting no response for hours from their support by email) I always got an answering service - no live support. Just had to live a message.
    - Their support staff is mostly unhelpful. Answering (late) to my support requests with canned FALSE answers (I have the whole thing in writing and can prove it). Only after I insisted that this was false (because I knew from my other accounts) did they fix the problem.
    - I was promised (I think they still advertise it) a static IP but had to argue with them about it since they did not want to give me one. Even when I finally got one they had the attitude of (exact quote) "I am only doing this in recognition to your loyalty as customer and the number of other sites you have with us". I would think it should be obvious that if they advertise something they should provide it.

    My advice: stay away!

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    Any chance we can have the domain name you are using with them?
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    The one mentioned above is not hosted with them anymore, because they took days to set it up.
    Another one hosted with them is
    Please look at the following link. I have posted a bad review (basically the same one as here) to which they have answered with a personal attack, and lies:

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    Take another look at There is now a "new" good review given by someone, just an hour after my bad one. Interesting no?

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    Another news flash. They have actually shut down my accounts and now two of my businesses are not working properly.

    The CEO wrote me an email saying they do not wish to do business anymore. No notice, no time to move - nothing.

    Stay away from them!!!

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    This is just a thought... but would a company really take a disliking to you for no reason.. and go as far as refusing service to you for no reason whatsoever?

    I reccomend you have a sift through your "sent mail" folder as it seems to me that they are not in the wrong as much as you think they are.

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    I disagree. I have never been treated like this in my whole career. I have had some bad experiences with hosting services, but nothing like this.

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    Originally posted by kenguru
    I disagree. I have never been treated like this in my whole career. I have had some bad experiences with hosting services, but nothing like this.
    If you want to be treated professionally, pay a professional price for hosting. That means you might have to pay more than $5/month for hosting.
    If the bigger hosts are fancy French restaurants, consider my service the friendly small-town diner. you deserve honest, helpful, and reliable service!

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