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    Name Server - Self Email

    OK I have recently delved into the realms of the dedicated server and so far have succesfully set up my box to act as a name server and host all my www domains, email and ftp (believe it or not)

    The problem is, I need to have the actual nameserver domain as a mailbox enabled domain, for example I have set up in my domain registrars settings and and they both point to 2 diff ip addresses on my dedicated box

    now by pointing all my domains at that, I can use that to manage the dns entries of any other sites etc which works fine

    however I have entered the same dns as I would for any other domain for with my registrar including mx but the mail never seems to reach the server

    any ideas ?!?!

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    did you wait for DNS propagation? Do you use .com/.net domain name ?

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    it is a .biz domain and yes as far as I am aware I have waited appropriate time

    I have set the mx to point to the ip with a trailing . of my mail server is that correct ?!

    Will I need some form of glue record !? as all my others are working fine, so not sure why this does not

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    no glue... have you defined your MX record like this: IN MX 0 IN A

    ps. send me PM so that I can check it via host cmd

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    cant pm?!?! you

    the domain name is

    thanks for your help

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    the mx is set to:

    priority 10

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    you need to define a hostname as in my example, and then IN A record for the hostname with IP

    e.g. IN MX 0 IN A

    and there you go.

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    Originally posted by tigermain
    cant pm?!?! you

    the domain name is

    thanks for your help
    sorry, it looks like you don't have enough posts to send PM

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    Ok I have updated the records as of your suggestion, feeling that I have a duplicate with my mail and mx A record now though

    But I have attached my settings as I can change them

    I havent tested those settings yet, as they have put the 2nd hdd back in my server, but appear to have forgotten to turn it back on !!!!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails dns.gif  

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    Looks all good! Except, that the port doesnt open (hint: packet filter?) mail is handled by 10

    telnet 25

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    yeah thats cause they have jsut upgraded the hdd and seem to have forgotten to turn the pc back on !!!!

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    I don't know that for sure, DNS server is working. Perhaps they forget to bind that IP to your ethernet card ?

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    I do I cannot remote admin in as the pc is completely off

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