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Thread: mailbox limits?

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    mailbox limits?

    I have been archiving the messages since August. I have hit a large file size on a raq2, mailspool is 167Mb as noted below.

    The server has suddenly started bouncing ALL mail to the domains on the server, they all appear to be involved. In general the raq2 is sluggish, and FTP fails to allow users, mail access via pine to the large mailbox results in a core dump. The system has been restarted.

    I hate to reintialize, it has been in service for 3plus years now, and getting everything back up will not be any fun.

    /var/spool/mail/bill": 55406 messages

    [bill bill]$ ls --size
    total 170182
    3225 core 2 dead.letter 1 mail 166953 mbox

    [bill bill]$ pine
    Problem detected: "Out of memory".
    Pine Exiting.
    Aborted (core dumped)

    Any perspective would be appreciated.


    Bill Ries-Knight
    Stockton, CA

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    I don't know this problem, but any RaQ type does use the Sendmail mailserver. Did you check the Sendmail documentation for this?

    There are limits offcourse, also file-limits on a Linux based operating system, maybe that's more the problem than the mailserver itselves.

    I've you have found the answer, do you let me/us know by posting your solution on the forum?

    Good luck!

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