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    Being with them for 6 month... I got suckered in reading an review which I later found out on this forum was written by the an company which ixwebhosting was affiliated with. I started up ok for about a month, then all things went to "hell in a hand basket" Im taking constant email outages... constant... constant... constant.... x 10^infinity. I ticket them and all I get back is "Our email servers are working fine now" ....... no it was not working fine cause I can log into all my other accounts with other hosts but I can log in to my IX account. Email outages come all the time, anytime. Three month ago it was from 9pm-9am but recently it has hit at all hours! I got email outages at 3pm-6pm prime business hours.
    My website died twice in the last week!

    Last week, on Thursday, sales where down to a crawl. On a Thursday night I usually get about 10-12 sales and that night I got ONE. Sales have being consistant Thursday for in the last year.
    I checked my sales pages and Non of my linked pictures where working. I had images linked to http://****.com instead of the http://WWW.*****.com

    It turns out that http://******.com was restricted .... and http://WWW.*******.com worked on the other hand. I pain staking edited over 1000 entries using "replace" in Microsoft word to replace the http://********.com with http://WWW.********.com. Even with the help of replace....that job took out 6 hours of my life, not to mention the sales lost + having to sooth the pissed and confused customers.

    They closed three of my tickets with OUT even responding!! When i found that out i had to do the 24 hours support method. I talked to a live 24 hours guy, he gave me the usual we are improving things , BLAH BLAH BLAH ... all crap So I said ok.... I'll give them till Christmas... give them a chance to fix their wrongs.....

    WHAT I SHOULD HAVE BEING THINKING WAS "JUMP SHIP YOU FOOOL!" *im hitting my self in the groin right now*..... *repeatedly*..... oh that gets the spot.......

    Today! Once again less than a week later

    Instead of the http://*******.com it was the http://WWW.******.com that was restricted! I made NO SALES from 6pm - now which is 11:18 PM. Total joke for a Wednesday. Avg is 10 for Wednesdays.

    I sent a ticket..... no response yet after 4 hours!

    I just had a "chat" with the customer "support". I use "support" loosely. Hell... I retract that statement, using the word support would be an insult to all other customer support that ever was, is or will be.

    I ran my server a while ago when I was young from scratch... so im not ignorant of how things work.

    I tell her that I cant see my webpage through the www.*********.com format and that virtual directory was restricted.

    She starts to give me the run around from the first sentence she types, "Its your web browser, it shows up fine on our server"

    She says condescendingly " Your web browser is at fault please change to another web browser "...... at that point im furious..... your telling me that my IE 6 with all patches and upgrades is not working... come on lady.. try harder than that. I ask her what browser she is using. She tells me Opera......

    I pull up opera, downloaded that 3mb in 20 seconds and im back in business. Type in my URL and

    "Directory Listing Denied
    This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed."

    I say "Ya ok, I just pulled up opera and *I cut and paste above*"

    She says... "oh, its your fault our servers work fine"

    I tell her... " No its your fault, my browser will not automatically change directory permission on your server, I cant even do it if I wanted to."

    "If my IE6 does not work... 95% of the US uses IE so that would mean 95% of my clients cant see the webpage... I cant ask 95% of them to switch to opera can I?!?!!"

    She does not know the meaning of this and she tells me that "this is above your head"

    ok we got a real winner here.

    I heard IX outsourced jobs... but I think its true now.

    Long story short, I told her that she probably has never even seen a server let along touched one and that her prescript CUT AND PASTE customer "support" responses were running dry.

    I was going to transfer my account over to another hosting service... but got to lazy...

    if you don't believe what I say and thing it is an unique experience...... this is how I can convince you once and for all.

    Read these following words because im giving you the summery of me.

    I AM LAZY! I was born lazy, was lazy through school and is LAZIER than ever now!!!

    Im even contemplation right now if should cut and paste this post and check for spelling errors..... since I skipped all of my schooling years.... being lazy..... spelling at its rock bottm. But I want you to understand this post so I will take that above and beyond step and spell check.

    Im so lazy that I don't work!!! Yes I DON'T WORK cause I cant get up and go to a regular job cause im LAZY. That's why I work online.

    What does this mean you all ask?

    It took me 1 hour 30 minute to type this post!! ONE hour 30...... I cant see my self doing anything for one that requires thinking or composing anything in any language. I don't even like to sign my name on the visa slip let alone write a 1.5 hour post.

    So for me to write something for this long.... you know its hit me deep in the pocket books and my association with IXWEBHOSTING has made me feel unclean and dirty + utterly disgusted

    Uptime is 85% max for emails.... i think im being over generous here and hell i dont even know how often my website is now for 6 hours this time and at least 4 last thursday. 99.999% WHAT?! Shameless.

    For all of you thinking for getting hosting from IXWEBHOSTING .com


    If your running a "mickey mouse" personal website.. than their prices are ok but there are MUCH better ones out there. Also you have to $20 initial fee for month to month... tons of other hosts do not. Go look else where.

    If your running a business site...... im not going to patronize you, get the point.

    To think i was acturally going to upgrade to a $30 package from my $15 and stay with them for the life of this business and a 2 start ups I have coming......
    Here is a post I found at

    SUMMER OF THE ABOVE is .. for people lazy like me :

    " If you`re looking for a reliable web host that respects their customers and gives you a good deal, stay away from IX Web Hosting or anyone owned by them or their parent company. - C. R. Zeman" community has helped me out lots, although im a new member I have based my new webhosting decision purely on the recommendation of this website and have being reading for the past month or so. I love that crediblehost thread. Im just giving back and getting back.

    PS. IX need to tell their customer support agents to sooth the customer's sores rather than inflame them. I get on my hands and knees when my customer are angry... even when its their fault and im stressed to the max. Thats just correct customer service. You guys just lost a pretty penny from me and everyone else i get to talk to

    wow its 3 hours now..... now u really know im motivated! PS my links still down as of 12:15 am the next day.
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    One more thing

    here is a cut and paste from my website status maneger

    Date ----File Downloads
    20------ 7737
    21------ 7741
    22 ------ 7334
    23 ------ 6769
    24 ------ 3473

    Numbers are pretty consistant all the time, but 3000 is way out of the norm.

    yes lady.... keep telling my its just my browser.
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    Sorry for your troubles, but I swear, you have a flair for words! I've got freak'n tears streaming down my face and I'm laughing so loud the dog is starting to look at me funny.

    WHAT I SHOULD HAVE BEING THINKING WAS "JUMP SHIP YOU FOOOL!" *im hitting my self in the groin right now*..... *repeatedly*..... oh that gets the spot.......

    DIEZ! Hope you find a better host- but I really appreciate the 1.5 hours it took to write this- made my day. Excellent rant!

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    excellent........... win you over with my intellect.... then

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    Better luck with your next host! I'm sure you learned a thing or two out of this ordeal.

    Thanks for the warning!

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    they seems really good nothing but bought reviews.. didnt know about webhostingtalk tho

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    I got SCAMMED

    great website about ixwebhosting and

    The CEO of IXWEBHOSTING has MANY phony webhost review website and lists his company ixwebhosting as number 1 with a 97% customer satisfaction rating.

    The above gives the full scoop... in regards to this 20lb sack of crap.

    as im concerned and have expereinced. =

    Please do your own search in for IXWEBHOSTING and see the horror stories for yourselves.

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    im starting an anti ixwebhosting webpage hosted on their servers

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    Heh, i actually thought ixwebhosting was a decent company... but not any longer by the looks of things

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    Well unfortunately this is not the only such case. I've had serious troubles with many hosts (the worst experience yet is

    It is why I started my own hosting company. No more hassle from my web design customers and definitely no more hassle from freeola!

    Pavlos Skoufis

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    We run a web development company that also manages about 30 of our clients through our host. We recently moved over to IXWEBHOSTING when our previous host went out of business. IXWEBHOSTING was very helpful at first, answering any questions we had promptly.

    That was then...

    Now, two months later we've noticed certain patterns. The host seems to go down (either mail, web or sometimes both) without notice in the middle of the day (it's happened 6 times in two months). The problem really comes in when when we are trying to find out what's going on, since we have to answer to our clients who are running their business (just like us) off the IXWEBHOSTING servers. When you contact IXWEBHOSTING through Live Chat you get a different name every single time, we're thinking that they're randomly generating the name or that the "Live Chat" isn't in any way affiliated with IXWEBHOSTING, and that it's a call center type organization supplied by LivePerson. Whatever the case, they have never had anything but a canned response to any question we've had. For example... Yesterday when the mail went down for 5 hours in the middle of the afternoon (from 12pm - 5pm on a Thursday) I needed to find out when the mail was going to be repaired and whether mail was bouncing or they were caching it and it would be delivered later, simple request right? Here's the LiveChat response (by the way this was the second time we'd contacted them, the time prior was 3 hours before this one):

    Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.
    All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.
    (10 minutes later)
    You are now chatting with 'Doug Kanter'
    Doug Kanter: Hello, how may I help you today?
    you: Hi, What's going on with the email?
    Doug Kanter: Please provide me your domain name
    you: --------------------- (cannot post domains)
    Doug Kanter: Please hold on let me check
    Doug Kanter: Our System administrators are working on the problem
    Doug Kanter: Sorry for the inconvienece
    you: Thats great, but it's been down for several hours now... I'd like to know if the mail that i'm supposed to be receiving is getting cached, and when it will be fixed?
    Doug Kanter: It will be resolved soon
    you: what about the mail?
    Doug Kanter: Will fix it as soon as possible
    you: Do I need to call in to get an answer?
    Doug Kanter: Please check after one hour
    you: This is us checking... Do you actually work at IX or are you a 3rd party service?
    Doug Kanter: We work for ixwebhosting.
    you: so you're not actually at IX...ok... which means that you really don't have any answers.
    Doug Kanter: I am at IX and i am the employee of IX
    you: I'm not trying to be rude, but we are running a business and just would like a few simple honest answers. We have waited patiently all afternoon for our email to come back. Now who can give me an honest answer?
    Doug Kanter: Your problem will be fixed with in an hour
    Doug Kanter: Our Administrators are working on the problem.
    Doug Kanter: We are really sorry for the incoveinece caused
    you: Ok, so since you're there and talking to the administrators i'm going to take your word for it. However, I'm logging our chat and will be extremely angry if this is not the case. I just want a truthful answer.
    you: thank you for apologizing, but that doesn't do anything for my business.

    The good thing is: The mail was back up within an hour...
    The bad thing is: It wasn't cached, all the mail for us and all of our clients was lost for all of Thursday afternoon.

    So on Friday I called up to find out what happened so I can tell all of our clients.

    I spoke with a representative in support who told me there was no problem. I asked him if all of the mail that was supposed to be delivered the previous day had been cached or if it was bounced. He said he couldn't tell us that because if there was a problem it was with the senders mail host that was sending the mail and "he couldn't go and look at every single mail host" (obviously this is ridiculous) so I asked to speak with his manager.

    He put me on hold and came back and said his manager was busy and he'd have to take my number. I told him I would wait, he refused and said he needed to get my number. So I gave him my number and he hung up on me. So I called back, he answered again (how is it they have an unlimited number of LiveChat support but only 1 phone support person?). I told him that I would hold until a manager would speak with me...

    so I held... and held... and held. Finally he came back on and said he'd transfer me to the manager. So I held... and held... Finally... the "manager" came on. I asked his name, he said Dustin... I asked his last name, he said he doesn't give out that information. So I told him about the mail outtage and that I needed to know what happened and if the mail was cached or not. He told me there was not problem the prior day and it must have been a problem with my connection. I told him we spoke with them yesterday and they told us there was a problem (but not what) and they were fixing it. He assured me that nothing happend the prior day and the mail host was only down for 2 minutes (???). So I asked to speak to his Manager because I wasn't getting a straight answer. He told me he was THE manager. So I asked who HIS boss was. He said HE was his boss. So I asked who was the owner/president of the company. He said he didn't know since they were a privately held company. After that I said that we would have to move our account elsewhere if I couldn't get a straight answer and his reply was "GOOD".

    Now, we're running about 30 domains off of IXWEBHOSTING... and if they don't care if we have a problem, what about all those people just running 1 domain?

    Right now we are in the process of trying to locate another host that cares about their clients. We understand that there will be problems, and that they can't control every possible situation... But don't treat us badly when there is. WE PAY FOR A SERVICE, WE DON'T PAY TO BE BELITTLED AND LIED TO.

    When you really start to look into IXWEBHOSTING you'll find a lot of suspicious inconsistencies. Noteably: There's no names anywhere about who owns, runs, or supports this company. Which means no one is liable when a problem occurs. They claim to be an "Award winning" hosting company (they also claim 99.9% uptime), and you'll find sites that claim them as the #1 host, all of these sites were likely put up by IXWEBHOSTING. If you look at the site you'll find nothing but stock photos of their building and data centers. You dig a little deeper and find they are a subsidary of the Ecommerce Corporation ... if you look there you will find that they are a company based in Austria. And all roads lead to a dead end at that point, except for a snail mail address.

    So here's what it comes down to...

    It's your money, you've heard the stories... spend it wisely with someone who's going to value you as a customer. If you want to risk your business to a company who doesn't actually take any responsibility for their actions: This is the hosting company for you... Otherwise, I would recommend against hosting with IXWEBHOSTING.

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    Wow nice

    I never thought it would

    Bad look you found out the hard way... keep trying and DO YOUR RESEARCH.
    Web Host ZERO - Pro, and Reseller Hosting.
    LinkSmile SEO - Text Link Marketplace.

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    That is one crazy review but in a good way, hope you find a new reliable host. You should do more research next time before choosing a host

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    Just a note (you have my sympathy also) but with most hosts using the "www" or not will make no difference.
    It's a simple setting for the host to choose to allow both. The first "dance" you got from support was just that, they should have had no trouble solving your problem quickly, it was almost surely caused on their end. Although last week's IE "critical" update caused a lot of unexpected behavior (I know from an unrelated issues I had with another MS program and finally a tech guy at MS admitted that patch affected a lot of things they did not predict...usual for Microsoft patches)
    Just another reason I don't use IE as my browser of choice but at least 95% of the general public probably do (if not more) since it's bundled on virtually every computer sold and the average "Joe computer user" person doesn't bother looking further than what came installed on their system.
    You mention "lost sales" and if you do e-commerce or respond to business e-mail to close sales you definitely need a dependable host with minimal downtime. Paying a few $ more and/or doing some serious research would probably be a lot less costly than the sales you lost.
    New Idea Hosting NO Overselling-Business-Grade, Shared Only! New-In House Design Team.
    High Speed & Uptime; , DIY Pro-Site Builder-Daily Backups-Custom Plans, All Dual Xeon Quad Intel servers w/ ECC DDR3 RAM SCSI RAID minimums.
    We Concentrate on Shared Hosting ...doing one thing and doing it VERY well

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    Nice review , by the way you should change those *********** links they have "questionable" content

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    Heh, I thought it would be quicker to censor them, but looks like Monte took the harder way
    If you donít like the road youíre walking on, start paving a new one.

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    I read that same review.
    Dont believe everything you see.

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    "wow" and "ruthless". I had used their CP to help a client transfer over some domains and it was "okay". I hear and READ a lot of good things about them but i guess i was wrong. A guy I know who uses their service swears on his life that it's excellent service but than again, he is using one domain

    Such bad support from the team I sadly have to admit. Better luck next time and good luck!
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    Not 100% sure, but as I'm fairly new here I've been doing lots of forum searching lately and it seems to me that all larger hosting companies get their share of bad reviews. Probably comes with the territory. It seems that IXwebhosting has some 40,000 domain on their servers and unless they have ways to artificially inflate that number a certain amount of "bad press" might be inevitable. Still feel sorry for the ones that had the bad experience, though.

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    You win some, you lose some. Thats business but bad client base support is horrible. I read a lot about different companies as well and I can "give and take" with complaints other than support. If you do not have support- you got nothing to base your service on IMHO
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    unless they have ways to artificially inflate that number a certain amount of "bad press" might be inevitable
    When similar negative reports surface here and elsewhere, one can only start to be wary about a host.

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    nice to see IX is getting the much deserved one eyed bandent in the pucker. A little follow up.

    I have emailed them, talked to their "live chat" even phoned! for my refund. Everytime they ignore the topic and its been 1 month now and NOOOOOooOOOOOOoOoOOOO refund

    lol, i send a trouble ticket to them about a refund. It gets TOTALLY ignored. I check my acccount it says that the trouble ticket has being closed......

    Man i try and stress hard to find something good to say .... WELL not really. I would have posted about a fast refund or good refund customer service.... but they just wont help themsevles out.

    I need all you IX victums to post so we can get the MSG out or just rant.

    PS never get the one year service with any company. Go month by month, if you get the shaft one month you can still move on... if you get the yearly pipe cleaning service, they'll pump you every month until your "date" is finished.

    My date is up in about 6 month since i dont get a refund. Stubid me

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    ===========previous post========

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    Not 100% sure, but as I'm fairly new here I've been doing lots of forum searching lately and it seems to me that all larger hosting companies get their share of bad reviews. Probably comes with the territory. It seems that IXwebhosting has some 40,000 domain on their servers and unless they have ways to artificially inflate that number a certain amount of "bad press" might be inevitable. Still feel sorry for the ones that had the bad experience, though.

    Um.....if your new and dont know what your talking about... plz shhhhhhh... you automaticly discredit your opinions by starting out a statement with "Not 100% sure, but as I'm fairly new here " ...... did you happen to not read any of the previous post ?!If they are FAKING their OWN REVIEWS and making up fake website review pages, its not a big leap forward to lie about their hosting numbers. They left that line of webhosting morality behind long long ago and never looked back.

    You must be one of the two things.... you must work for IX or you are a real S-M-R-T guy. The first would be better

    I'll even fork out 20$ for you to get the one year IX webhosting account lol you pay the 100$ i'll fork out 20$ and lets see how bad they give you the shaft.

    BTW =

    IXWEBHOSTING is started by the same guy that started

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    I'm farily new here on WHT - thats all I was saying in my previous post - doesn't say anything about my web hosting experience now, or does it. See Godspeed, the beauty about these type of open forums is that you, the "disgruntled and betrayed customer", can bitch and state your opinion just as much as I can state mine .

    It is fairly common knowledge that it is usually the people with bad experiences that are more vocal than the other way around. While I don't work for IXhosting, and I certainly dislike when any host provides sucky service, I want to make sure that people who read posts like yours take it with the necessary grain of salt and do their own research on hosts before they subscribe to anyone's service.

    Also, on a more personal note, if it is your habbit to write messages in the "tone" you wrote your blurb above I'm not terribly surprised people are closing your tickets . Hope you've better luck with your next host!

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    I'll keep this in mind. That name sound suspicious is well, i-x =ick
    Brett Meadors

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    Will take as much salt as you want.

    When a webhosting companying fakes their own reviews by spamming the Web with fraudulent self acclaimed results, I dont care how much salt you take its bad business practice, dishonest and an unexcitable PROACTIVE effort to deceive customers.

    These are facts and not my opinion.

    Dont know how dehydrated you need to be from intake of salt to change fact to fiction.

    Im curious, let us know.

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    Originally posted by godspeed

    Um.....if your new and dont know what your talking about... plz shhhhhhh... you automaticly discredit your opinions by starting out a statement with "Not 100% sure, but as I'm fairly new here "
    Says the poster with 14 posts.

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    Hum hum! 15

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    The initial review has had me going crazy with laughter!

    I feel sorry for these guys - Obviously ix have been giving their customers a real run for their money. It's terrible.

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    Hmm, if it smells like a scam, it is a scam..

    Says the user with 1000 posts
    Web Hosting Talk Community Guide

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    Man I have had the same kind of problems.

    Heres is my line of events:

    I know a person who has an Ixwebhosting acct he says it is good, so I go look at it looks aswome. So I find there number and call them to order a package.
    Guess what?
    Theres no one in the office that can take a freaking order. So I say ok when will there be, she says: Tommorow Morning. So I call back again the next morning, SAME PERSON mind you. Sorry sir theres no one that can take an order over the phone. I say ok and hang up. I go to the Live chat support and they say that no you have to order online. This is after I have been told that I can order over the phone, but that theres no one that can ever take it.
    So I order it online.

    My 1st problem, my password is not what I put. Its totally different. I go to there Live Chat support, they give me the password after 30 minutes.
    I get logged in and set everything up and running smoothly, for 1 hour. Then all hell breaks loose. FYI I was running a phpBB board. They say that the "Systems Admin" is working on this and it will be fixed ASAP. Welll while I am waiting my Control Panel goes down. Now enraged I go back to there "Live Support" and tell them that it is down, ok they answer" Our Systems Admin is working on it". Same BS answer I got before.

    I wait, it finally comes up. After 2 hours.
    I think: Ok maybe my site is back up, nope.
    I wait another 1 hour and its stillnot running I go back to the Live Support and they say the same thing again, " Our System Admin is working on the problem". Finally after 1 hour its back up. But guess what?They resett the whole phpBB board. I go install it and get everything back up, all by myself, and I get up the next day and its down AGAIN. I go to the live support, same Run Around. It finally comes up.

    Later that day it goes down and gives me an error message of:
    phpBB Critical Error.

    Could not connect to the Database.
    Now I am so enraged I am cursing out load. Go to there Live Support, different person everytime, and same run around. This is about middle of night so I am like no big deal will check it again Tommorow.

    15 Hours later, STILL not up.
    I got to there live support ONCE again and they are very "Sorry" that its not up and She will "force the systems Admin to take care of it". But to get to that point I had to wait 1 hour for a person and then do the run around of them asking for my domain. So it gets fixed pretty quick, weirdly after I go in there super pissed.

    So now I get to my current point of Having this server 3 days and its gone down 3 times. 3 Freaking times.
    Right now I am currently telling a friend of mine of My accounts and people's here. Hopefully we will be able to find another server and get a refund.

    Now thats not what really enraged me. What really did was I AM PAYING for these people to give me this bs "Live Support" of copy and paste and for my server to go down in invertly.
    In end, DO not go with IXwebhosting.

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    I have hosted 10 websites with IX and have had no problems. I have been with them 1.5 yrs and have had good support (exept from Live support chat they don't know anything). One of my sites required ssl that I purchased from startechnoligies and they installed it for me for free in less than an hour. I also have a site that has 6gbs of http streaming video's and have never had any problems with this site. I just thought I would put in a word from my experiance with *****************


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    IXWebHosting sucks. Simply put.
    We contacted them because someone who was hosting with them was running a malicious hacking script. Instead of telling the person not to run the malicious script, their resolution was for us to upgrade our website. What kind of crap is that??

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