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    Hey all

    Does anyone have any experience with

    I have been using for about 2 years now, and have very little complaints (very occasional downtime), but need to save a little money (they aren't that expensive..but being a student..well...every $$ counts).

    They seem to be pretty good, but I have never transfered webhosts before, and want to make it as smooth as possible when I do.

    Basically I need a host with:

    php 4.06 or higher
    50 megs of storage
    3 gigs or so of transfer/month

    I don't mind spending a bit more cash to ensure I get a good host, although it needs to be less than $15/month for me to save any money

    phpwebhosting seems to fit my needs, but I would really appreciate any information or suggestions people can offer.

    Thanks a bunch in advance.


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    I had a small site with them for about 10 months until just recently. Regular performance checks through NetMechanic were always excellent and I was never aware of any downtime. I contacted Tech and Billing support only once or twice and received prompt replies. As you can tell, I was fairly impressed. I left only because I'm now using an account where I can host multiple domains.

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    I remember I have read a complaint about them but it was in the past. I do not know if they got better or worser.

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    It really depends on the person you're talking to. I have friends who have no problems with them, and I have friends who had major problems (which have been resolved), but chose to stick with them because there's no other host that can meet their needs and budget. From what my friends have told me, support can be pretty slow at times, and you have to request support for a database. Other than that, they're not the best host, but they're not the worst.
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    I have used phpwebhosting for almost a year now. As my first webhost I am proud to say that I have experienced almost no problems with their service. Their support is great. I have never gotten a response later than 24 hours.

    The worst experience I have had with them is with the downtime on my ftp access although in about 5 minutes its up and running again. I have almost never experience a downtime with my webpage.

    I would definitely recommend phpwebhosting to anyone.

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    I realise that this is a whole seperate thread - but 24 hours? I get itchy after 2 hours without a response from any host I deal with

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    i use for several clients sites.

    i think they are very very good. really fast, and i never never seen there server go down. (knock on wood...)

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    Thanks for the information

    Hi all

    Thanks to everyone who posted information for me here, it was very useful.

    Have been browsing the board here, and now need to choose between phpwebhosting and myacen (which is much cheaper).


    Thanks for the responses.


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    Thumbs up

    I've used for almost a year now and I'm very satisfied. No downtimes, no troubles.

    Sure the support could be a little faster but they try to make it better. The support panel is not as good as it could be but you can always send email to the admin.

    Never got problems with them! The support is quite OK.

    The price is $ 9.95 / month and is very good.

    Best Regards,

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    While I don't claim to have any personal experience with phpwebhosting, I have heard quite a few not-so-good things about them. Have you looked at Ventures Online at an alternative? They offer some packages which should suit your needs very well within your budget. They've also got a good rep. on these boards. - Reliable Web Hosting with magical support
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