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Thread: New Raq 4

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    New Raq 4

    I bought a new Raq 4i a few weeks ago and have finally put it online.

    I patched it with all the updates and turned off telnet and installed SSH.

    Now my questions. How about site wide stats? How about site wide email?

    What should I use for site wide stats? Awstats? Webalizer?

    What should I use for site wide email? I'd like to setup a site like - allow people to get an email account. (Webmail or Neomail or Squirrel Mail).

    Also- anyone using DNS servers from and have email working that is running on your raq? If so - please let me know. I can't get mine to work.

    Please let me know what you are running on your Raq4's.



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    Nobody has any comments on what to use for stats or email?

    Come on folks - I am looking for some input.


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    When I had a RaQ4, I used webalizer and neomail (you can get both from ). Webalizer can get niggly with high traffic sites, and there are quite a few threads on that problem (and fixes to solve it).

    As for DNS on mydomain, do you have an entry similar to: A MX 10

    If so, the server settings might be off. Make sure emails aliases field (on site settings) contains - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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    Currently useing Neomail and very happy with it.

    Relying on server admin stats presently till Webilizer is updated.
    Have had problems with it in the past.

    Be careful with patches interfering with webilizer and log functions.

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    There are PKG files for both Webalizer and NeoMail on Sun''s Cobalt site and both work well for me.. they allow stats by virtual site and web based email by each site as well.. Mouse

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    Thanks all for the reply. I appreciate it.


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    As far as my email - I just ended up going back to my provider to host DNS for me. Though he charges $5 per DNS to setup. But I couldn't get mail to work at all.

    I was using and had everything setup correctly.


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