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Thread: review my site

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    i just wanted to get opinions on my new layout. yes, it's an nsync site (but it's not teenybopper-ish).


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    Aaliyah, there's some very nice work here.

    But you really need to make the DHTML scroller controls more obvious...

    I like this technique and have used it myself -- but one of the hazards of it is, visitors have to know it's there.

    If a design veteran looked at the page three times before figuring them out... lol... it could seriously impede many visitors.

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    I LOVE NSYNC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I seriously do.....

    I went to the June 23rd Concert, here at the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN. I loved it. It was great. 5th row, could see everything great. Loved it.

    But I was planning to do an nsync site, but I have a hard time with the design...then there was, and that was hard to beat, and there was alot of work, so I said hell with it.

    However, make your NAVIGATION stand out. To me, it looked like 5 dots at the top of the page, but myself knows to look for navigation, and there it was.

    Make it say "Multimedia", not a DOT!

    You can contact me at "FibrOptikL" on AIM, or "73218345" on ICQ. [email protected] usually works too.

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    Smile just 1 thing...

    the 2 links on the lower right (cliques & vote) need to have the status window of the browser display something other then the javascript function. an onMouseOver displaying a short discription would do the trick.

    other wise...pretty cool.
    Nathan M.
    A decade of professional hosting !

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