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    Domain names

    Just wondering does it matter who you register your domain with I am confused that some charge as little as USD12 while others charge as much as USD35...what is the story behind the price difference? Can anyone enlighten me?

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    You will find huge price differences anywhere else in this industry. That's normal . The one that sell $35 is probably Network Solutions, they have the advantage being the first registrar, so they might think that $35 is justified, most people don't buy it however .

    Do not go with them, almost all other registrar can provide better service with significantly lower price.

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    I reg with namecheap and godaddy. Both cost under $9. Am satisfied with both..only thing is I wish I had more control over my nameservers with namecheap. You have to go through enom to get your nameserver IP changed. I recently read about a registrar or just a DNS management company that can give you less than 5 mins propagation around the world. Hmmm, silly me bookmarked it, now I need it and can't find it.
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    yes, it does matter who you register with, mainly in terms of service.......but never pay $35 for a domain......

    I have some domains with godaddy, and they are quite cheap and quite good...

    I also have a domain with 000domains, which cost me $13.50, but they have exceptional service, and I would rather pay the extra 4 dollars per year.......

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    Originally posted by priyadi
    [clip]...they might think that $35 is justified, most people don't buy it however .[clip]
    Not to argue the point, but NetSol still registers more domains than any other registrar, with Tucows/OpenSRS coming in second. I'm not saying they offer significant value for the added $20+ they get per domain, but they still outsell the rest of the industry.

    People are still buying $35 domains from NetSol - just not many of them hang out here.

    Here the focus is on where you can get the domain for the cheapest up front cost. Nothing wrong with that, but for many customers this is also not a great answer. Customers who don't have a clue about managing their own DNS, or even what steps to take to buy a domain and get it hosted might want to use a domain registrar who provides service at some reasonable level.

    I still hear from people every day who bought poorly and were stuck with $30 transfer fees, or $50 domain editing fees. I had two transfers cancelled this week from a person in these forums who bought into a $6.95 domain up-front cost, that includes a $45 transfer away fee, or a $50 domain renewal fee.

    Many of the people with whom I have spoken in the past month have gone with registrars recommended in these forums - in some cases with significant surprises down the road.

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