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    Low cost flights to New York

    How much are internal flights in the US? We have some ridicously low cost no-thrills airline in the UK that do well for short journeys.

    In ask because it very easy to get low cost flights to New York from my local airport, rather than travelling to london to get a competitive price for a flight directly to Chicago. I'd also like to stop off in New York so booking it seperately could make sense rather than the hour or two a connecting flight allows.

    So my question: What web sites can I look up low cost no-thrills domestic flights in the US?
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    I'd check out, they usually have pretty good deals.

    My guess is that a flight between NY and CHI would be around 300-400 round trip coach on a regular airline.

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    NYC to Chicago should be in the $250 range, on coach. Be sure to check flights from all NYC airports (JFK and LaGuardia) as well as Newark to see which has the best price.
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    Nice idea Matt, might have to consider a little stop in New York myself.
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    I am certainly considering making the trip and stopping off in New York for a couple of days sure sounds like an appealing option. I would no doubt end up going Edinburgh --> Heathrow --> New York if I went though, because I have a ton of BA air miles that need to be used up.

    Does anyone know where they are staying in Chicago yet or is nobody that far ahead in the planning at this stage?

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    Everyone should be staying at the conference hotel, the Hyatt Regency O'Hare.

    We'll have full-fledged conference registration and group hotel discount reservations ready to go in the next couple of weeks.
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    It's not very expensive to make a flight like that as long as it's not last minute. Right now at travelocity I see flights from NYC to Chicago (between LGA and Chicago's Midway airport, which is often cheaper to get to than O'Hare -- but since the conference is near O'Hare it might not be worth saving a little on flights and having to get over there anyway) for $220. I just picked a date in December at random since June is too far away to be sure of getting the best deals. The best available for those June dates right now is $259.

    Perhaps the cheapest flights available: right now you can get from the NYC area to Chicago for as low as $49 to $89 each way... but that's using current promotional fares on Southwest, and that means flying out of Long Island Islip airport instead of one of those closer to the city. There are a few different ways someone could make that airport trip, ranging from simple and expensive with a car service to cheap and a bit of a hassle on public transportation... but the point is that it is possible to get between NYC and Chicago roundtrip for just over $100.
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    anyways the 150 does not include hotels does it?

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    Originally posted by Z1 hosting

    anyways the 150 does not include hotels does it?
    The registration fee will cover all events, breakfast each day and lunch each day.
    The hotel fee's will however be seperate.. We were able to secure a fairly strong discount rate for all guests though.
    The group discount rate will be $131 a night plus taxes. Normal room rate is $249 a night. Mouse
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    Check out Good rates.

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