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    site 1 cannot email site 2 since site 2 moved to outside server

    Heres my problem. I own and it sits on my dedicated server site number two, sits on a shared server but in same network as server name is Now USED to be on dime24 but I moved it to my server when I got the server. these two sites email each other quite a bit and they keep having problems now that I've moved What I've gotten from my hosting provider, is that becasue USED to be on the same server as affiliated is looking for centralmaine on dime24 and cannot find it and is stopping. I believe that this IS the correct issue becasue after I submit support request it is fixed for a bout a month. But then it comes back again. incidentally, CAN email but not vice versa. Any thoughts?
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    You need to check if there is still a DNS entry for the moved domain on the old server.

    If there is, delete it and the server will then be forced to do an external lookup for the domain and email should then work between the 2 domains.
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    Also check that the old domain is no longer in the local hosts acceptance file on the old server.
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