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    Post Server Hardware Problem

    I recently Purchased a Dell poweredge 2300 Server. I configured the raid and SCSI (it only has one HD) so i used raid 0. I then put in my OS disk (server 2003) and format my HD using NTFS and after it formats the server reboots and when it trys to continue the setup booting from HD it gets a read disk error. Anyone have this problem or know how to fix it? It also happened when I tryed to install Server 2000. Thanks
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    Like you said it sounds like a hardware problem. I would run the manufacture disk scanning utility to see what the problem is, chances are it will find some problem and you will be able to get a new disk.

    Dell may also have some utility you can use, either way I say run a drive test. If that comes up clean it might be the controller/system board.

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    Dell should have a utility that can diagnose problems like this. If this fails, or you cannot get the utility, call Dell's support number, they should be able to assist you in troubleshooting the problem and replacing the faulty part.
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