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    Thumbs down Email Forwarding at GoDaddy sucks


    Email Forwarding at GoDaddy sucks. I have a domain registered with GoDaddy and I am using GoDaddy's email forwarding to forward all my emails from my email address at my domain with GoDaddy to my work email address.

    But every now and then I just don't receive some emails that I myself send to my own email address at my domain with GoDaddy. I don't receive emails from a few my friends also. And the strange thing is those emails are not even bounced back to the sender, they are just not received by my email address at my domain with GoDaddy.

    So I asked GoDaddy customer service and they said I could not receive those emails because the sender's SMTP server is blocked by Go Daddy! So I said I am the sender and how they could have blocked my SMTP server because I was using my ISP SBC's (Pacific Bell) SMTP server. So GoDaddy customer service told me that they have spam filter that automatically blocks SMTP servers if they receive spam from those SMTP servers. So it seems if one user using my ISP SBC's SMTP server sends out spam then GoDaddy's spam filter would actually block that SMTP server and after that whoever sends email using that ISP's SMTP server will be blocked by GoDaddy. I said that's ridiculous, because almost every ISP's SMTP server is used by someone to send out spam and if they block those SMTP servers then that means all the emails sent using those SMTP servers will be blocked presently by GoDaddy even though all the users may not be sending spam.

    So I can't receive emails from most of the ISPs like SBC (Pacific Bell), ATT, Comcast, COX because GoDaddy may be blocking their SMTP servers. So I asked GoDaddy customer service that that's fine, if you want to block spam do so but don't do that for my domain. I told them that I don't want them to have any spam filter on my domain. But they told me that they can NOT turn off spam filter for a specific domain. So if I am keeping my domain with GoDaddy and using their email forwarding then I just have to deal with their stupid spam filter which could block almost any SMTP server and I may not receive emails from those SMTP servers. And the worst thing is the senders would not even receive bounced messages so the senders might be thinking that I received emails sent by them and I may never know that those emails were actually blocked by GoDaddy's stupid spam filter.

    I am so frustrated with the way GoDaddy handles email forwarding and their spam filter. So I have decided to switch to another domain provider. I thought I would share my frustrating experience with you guys. If you want to use Email Forwarding please DO NOT ever go for GoDaddy. I don't know who I want to switch to but I would love to hear some recommendations.

    - Jags

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    Lots of issues here... I'll stick with two:

    1) Bounces: Most ISPs no longer bounce undelivered mail back to the "from" address. The reason? Two thirds of email is spam, and 99% of spam comes with forged "from" addresses. If ISPs were still bouncing undelivered mail the way they used to, the whole email system would break down as undelivered mail is bounced around ad infinitum. Discarding undelivered mail is often the only option.

    2) Spam filtering: Most ISPs have some of spam filtering, and only the better ones give customers the choice to opt in or out. There are lots of different methods of spam filtering, and much of it is based on IP addresses. ISPs will usually subscribe to blocklists (compiled by organisations like Spamcop, Spamhaus, Spews and many others), and check inbound mail against these lists.

    The better blocklists are dynamic - e.g., with Spamcop an IP address will get listed if it has sent more than x amount of spam in n amount of time, but will get delisted when no spam has been recorded from the IP address for a set number of hours. But some (like the rather idiosyncratic Sorbs list) will list IP addresses forever. Lists like Sorbs should never be used to discard mail. In fact in a well-run system spam should not be discarded - full stop. In a well-run system spam should be tagged, or filtered to a separate web-based account where the user can view his mail and release anything that isn't spam. But running a GOOD system costs money, so you're not going to get it with a free ISP or a cheap forwarding service.

    If you want to take control of your inbound mail find a quality hosting company with optional spam filtering, and have your domains hosted there. You get what you pay for...

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    Hi Lubeca,

    You have a point - "You get what you pay for".

    If I had known this about GoDaddy I wouldn't have hosted my domain with them. But I will switch to other company soon.

    I guess people should know this about GoDaddy if they want to use their Email Forwarding.

    - Jags...

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    I'm gonna buy a domain tomorrow on GoDaddy and wanna use the forwarding thing in order to receive all the emails on my GMail account. I did a search and found out that ZoneEdit allows email forwarding. If I use ZE, may I experience any problem to receive the emails?

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    oh man that's the last thing I wanted to hear! ... just 2 days ago I moved from NameCheap to GoDaddy because NameCheap email forwarding sucked... it sometimes took a few hours for email to be forwarded, and sometimes email went missing all together and there was no bounce message.

    Seems like GoDaddy is not much better and I should have stuck with NameCheap.

    Antoher crappy thing with GoDaddy is they reserve the mail.* and email.* sub-domains. You have to move your DNS somewhere else if you want control of those sub-domains!

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    Originally posted by pardis
    oh man that's the last thing I wanted to hear! ... just 2 days ago I moved from NameCheap to GoDaddy because NameCheap email forwarding sucked... it sometimes took a few hours for email to be forwarded, and sometimes email went missing all together and there was no bounce message.

    This is really an enom issue not namecheap. Enom's system in the past had some pretty serious issues with email forwarding. I am not 100% sure if they ever resolved it.
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