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    SSL Log concerns "unclean shutdown"

    Hi All

    my SSL logs are full of the following lines
    Connection to child * closed with unclean shutdown

    I have searched extensivally and cannot find out what this means.

    Can any one give me a hand to understand this error message.

    SSL seems to be working fine in both IE and Firefox, but I would hate to think of all the orders I am missing if there is a consistant fault somewhere

    Also if you can help in the above I am sure the following will be easy

    my secure log file has only the following entries
    [15/Jun/2004:21:08:16 +0930] + + +
    [15/Jun/2004:21:08:16 +0930] + + +
    [15/Jun/2004:21:08:17 +0930] + + +
    [15/Jun/2004:22:57:16 +0930] - - -
    [15/Jun/2004:22:57:18 +0930] - - -

    The log format is ...
    "%t %{version}c %{cipher}c %{clientcert}c"

    Thats about as useles as ***** on a bull
    is there a reason nothing is showing up?
    whats the difference between - - - and + + +

    Thanks Guys I know someone out there has an idea whats going on...

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    From what I recall... there is a specific way your supposed to end an SSL session. Also from what I recall, as usual... Internet Explorer could care less.

    Nothing to worry about.
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