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    Experience with FastAndAffordable.Com

    I just signed up in their monthly special ... quite a deal. Was little sceptic because of their AMD processors (I am an Intel fan) ... and not so good looking website. But everything worked out pretty well ... got everything as promised - including and sql server. Was little stuck with the sql server access from my home yukon box as their email doesn't mention the sql server ip address. However one quick email ... and I got that set up. Created users right from helm cp ... cool. Only thing that's missing and I was not yet able to get them do is giving dbo access to the users that I create to my database. Its not a huge issue ... but a big one for me for moving my data from my local yukon box to that server. I hope they will resolve it quickly ... so that I can give them a 100% mark. Till now its around 90% because of this reason.
    Otherwise everything went quite well ... and I do recommend this hosting service to people who want .net and sql server for a cheap price.
    Good Luck ...

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    They provided dbo permission for the user I requested ... now I can grade them 100% ... I guess
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