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    How to Monitor Network Uptime

    I just bought a server at a new hosting provider, and I want to make sure the network stays up. What is the best way to monitor my network? I just tried out icpld and it already reported some downtime, but I have no way of telling how reliable icpld is.

    Any solutions to this?

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    One of the ways is to monitor your server's uptime using a third party vendor, e.g. . If your server is reachable, the network is up
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    Use some software called nagios - if you search for that on here you'll find loads of links. It's excellent! ( I found it on this forum .. )

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    That would be

    If you have a bunch of servers in your server farm, use a minimum of two external alert/monitoring services, with testing period of say 5 minutes (i.e. services are tested every 5 minutes), for more ciritical systems you can go to 2 minutes. Some providers (including us), have leased servers worldwide and intalled softwares on them to monitor our network. A good software that I know of is GFi Server Monitor.


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    There are many open source / free applications to monitor your server's health.

    Nagios -
    Big Brother -
    OpenNMS -

    To name a few.
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    nagios is great, we love it
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