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    Can client sue me?

    Few days ago i had problems with my hosting due to Burst errors.
    Can my hosting clients sue me for 4-5 hours downtime?

    Thank you,

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    That depends, I guess.

    I can't imagine that you could be in trouble there, but I don't know what your SLA/Terms of service states.

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    You came here for legal advise? Go ask your lawyer. If you are located in United States you can get sued for almost anything.
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    so all depends on my SLA/TOS?

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    Could be.

    If you're just worried about the possibility; don't. Because, as has been mentioned, you can be sued for anything. Doesn't mean the other party would win. But, you can be sued.

    So, to answer your question; yes. The client can sue you.

    Can they prevail? Ask your attorney.
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    nowadays, anything is possible. They can probably create a case.
    Will they be victoriious? I don't know.
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    I can't seem to find any terms of service on your site. It all comes down to whether or not you've covered yourself in your terms, which appears to be non-existant.
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    Anyone can sue anyone for anything in America.

    Whether their suit is thrown out of court is another matter, and you'll still need to expend resources to defend against it.

    But you definitely need a TOS/SLA that protects you!
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    a TOS/SLA which does not stand up legally will not protect you at all.

    big myth floating around here is that you can make up any terms you want and they will be enforceable in a court of law.

    actually quite the opposite is true.
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    Originally posted by LaurenStephens
    big myth floating around here is that you can make up any terms you want and they will be enforceable in a court of law.
    i know in many states (like here in NC) it will be accepted as your legally binding agreement with the customer about the service you provide. and it is not important how it is written or by whom.

    alexdio, yes you can be sued. i doubt that would happen though. not for 4-5 hours of downtime.

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    TOS/AUP/SLA are important. Having customers accept the terms outlined in those documents is very important.

    That is all I have to say here.

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    First of all, you should really get yourself a TOS/AUP type of document. As far as the client is conserned, just tell them you will give them credit towards next month. If that fails, kindly remind them that it can cost hundreds to thousands to go to court, and they are better off taking the refund.

    Things like this happen all the time to ecommerce businesses. It usually turns out to be a hothead behind his computer just typing, and he will never go past that.
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    So many americians sue people in america, its unfair. I am with Josh Stein, if you don't have those documents, you can be sued.

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    Originally posted by Stacie
    If you are located in United States you can get sued for almost anything.
    He does have a point there.
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    Out of interest, how much does he want to sue you for 4-5 hours downtime? surely it wouldn't be worth his time

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