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    Strange problem, can someone help me?

    The first one is my site; the next one is how my site sometimes loads. It doesn't always load like that; maybe half the time (for me, at least). I've tried clearing my cache (I've alt+f5 'd six times in a row without it changing), but to no avail. I've tried reuploading my style sheet and my index. I've checked the HTML for errors, I've validated both the HTML (even as XHTML) and CSS; both were perfect.

    The index is the only page it does it on. Can someone help me here?

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    Here's your problem:
        <a href=""><img id="topbanner"
    	  alt="Halo Source - The Halo Information Database" /></a>
    I'm not sure you'll get your desired result by scaling a jpeg this way. It's best practice to specify your image dimensions in pixels. I see what you're trying to do, but trust me there's a better way -- sorry, no time to make an example, but make full-height side images, take the middle section and split it in half lengthwise. Align the top half (plus left side image) to the left-top, and the bottom half (plus right side image) to the right-bottom.
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