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    Unhappy html help needed!!!!

    PLEASE if ther is antone that can help me i need to figure out the html code that allows you to open a website in the same window and not a bunch of them.
    I am building a website and am just about done. the only thing that i need is the html code that allows me to open each web page in the same window. right now all of my web pages open in seperate windows

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    target="_self" in your link.....
    Mike Bell
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    Post some of your code so we can see the problem. HTML by default loads in the current window.

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    Yup like mike said it's just a simple _self to make it stay in the same page... unless your talking about frames?

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    Frames are diffrent. We need to know what exactly you are talking about.
    Jack Campbell
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    ok basicly no one has said how you do iframes yet? Well basicly ill teach ya how

    <p align="left"><a target="Iframe name here" href="yourlinkhere.html">Your Text here</a></p>
    Basicly here is the code in detail so you dont get confused

    You can change your link here and thats where the page will go
    Iframe name here
    Ok this is what iframe you want it to be called... if your using iframes just use the iframe name but if your doing something else you can put _self or _blank here
    Your Text here
    basicly as it shows here is where you can place the text for your link if you want a image just post again and ill happily make another reply with the answer

    (BTW as you can see im new here.. Go the 1st post)

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    html help

    html help an hep

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