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    chkservd Error Logs

    I made a quick PHP web-based tool to grab all the errors from cPanel's chkservd.log for a given date or date range. Aside from grep, less, and guessing with tail -n how many lines back last week or last month starts at there was no easy way to do this.

    Since it's PHP there's open_basedir restrictions which may need to be considered, but the script can look for chkservd.log in /var/log, /tmp/, or ./

    Almost all the info can be found here:

    "Almost" meaning you'll have to get the script in some docroot you can access it by--it surely won't "install" itself.

    Community Liaisons: If you feel it necessary to remove that link then I ask you to consider (because there was a problem before): is not commercial; neither is FlexCP and their links.

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    And now there's a command line Perl version which is much quicker:

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    This should be in howtos not in this forum...
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