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    000domains are good!

    I have domains with different registrars and I just registered a .biz with 000domains after hearing about them here, and I came across a problem......

    So I sent them an email, and they responded within 5 minutes and fixed support I have seen so far..................well worth the couple of bucks extra

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    yup has great service
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    I'm serious. If you have an important domain name be sure to go with them.

    If you encounter a problem you can be sure that you can count on them. I have seen this many times. Never later than 30 minutes.

    They are great. They have been great since 2 years ago when I found them.

    They are great.


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    they are better then ?

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    I register/maintain the majority of my domains through

    Highly Recommended!!!
    MattF - Since the start..

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    I'm in the process of transfering names over to 000domains and looking forward to decent support and security for a change

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    Originally posted by The Candyman
    they are better then ?
    Sure. I t takes a day or two for them to respond to your support ticket. I use them for my normal domain names. Their interface has some bugs too.

    I use 000domains for my important domains.

    Originally posted by The Scott
    I'm in the process of transfering names over to 000domains and looking forward to decent support and security for a change
    You will get it.


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    * I agree..

    I also use 000domains and they have been excellent, we have used them since 2000 and have not had any problems at all and any support issues are handled in a very fast and professional manner.. Highly recommend them even though they may be a little more expensive, my motto is, sometimes money is not always the issue when it comes good service.
    Brian P.
    Digital X Web[TM], LLC

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    Thanks I'm going to sign up with them
    My domain is importent!

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    Agree, they are very friendly, and respond to your questions fast.
    Register with, they provide with helpful online system. And they also post update-to-date infomation of domain name system on their pages, other company don't even update their own websites.

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    I would also have to agree I registered 2 domains with them recently, and seen awesome support, the support guy took the time to explain what exactally was the problem I was having in detail.

    ... Reminds me of, I emailed him if he would consider a discount rate on the scripts access for link backs to and he responded with "send cash". And when he responded with "actually, no thanks" a few hours later, I asked him if he would be interested in some domain name software which I am entitled to resell, and he responds with "no
    that software sucks
    and I really only want money". Heh, I'm no expert at this stuff, but I sure can tell good support is a huge part of any type of internet service.

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