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    Go Daddy/transfer

    Here's a funny...had some domains registered at 000domains, they were up for renewal this month and figured I'd save a few bucks by transfering them over to

    Not much of a difference between 13.50 and 8.95 but when there are 5 of them, it does add up.

    Transfered became active but the registrant information is not even close to being correct to what I typed in at godaddy or even what 000domains had on file. One of them is completly wrong, we're talking different address and different state!

    Godaddy says to change that, you need to fill out a change of owner ship for a low fee of, get this, 19.95. I figured it would be cheaper to transfer back to 000domains where I could update what I wanted on it.

    So much for saving a few bucks...

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    I also had problems with godaddy. I transfered several names to them but a few did not go through. They refused to credit me for the names that did not transfer.

    Right! So much for saving a buck! hopefully others will learn from our mistakes.

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    Originally posted by b3d
    [clip]Right! So much for saving a buck! hopefully others will learn from our mistakes.
    I doubt it. The low entry price seems to be very attractive to many people - particularly those who frequent technical forums like this and think they'll never need any assistance so they can go with the cheapest option they can find.

    It's virtually impossible to compete with these guys on price - until you get bitten by hidden charges and find it was much cheaper to stay with your old registrar after all.

    If you think it's too good to be true, it probably is. I do not believe there is any way you can sell domains for $6.95 -$8.95 and make enough money to stay in business. You have to be able to charge somewhere else. In this case, the low registration price is the "loss leader" and you pay in the end for practicaly anything else you want to do.

    There's another registrar who does a very similar thing but he then charges you to add DNS information to his nameservers. If you are buying domains purely for speculation and never plan to use them, his services are great. If you ever want to use them though, you are better off with almost anyone else.

    It's a business model, but it's not mine.

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