Global Net Access of Atlanta GA - a leader in the dedicated hosting arena - has finalized its purchase and deployment of a high end route sciene BGP optmization device.

We trialed the box and put it through its paces for 90 days prior to sign off on it and were very impressed.

The box has improved network traceroute times by 20%, reduced unreachable nets by 85% and improved stability of the net as well.

We are using it to optimize the connection that traffic takes based on traceroute vs bgp hop count. Our users care about traceroute times and traditional BGP does not look at this - only at as hop count which does not always correlate.

The rs box measures traffic over 6000 times per minute based on our actual surfers to our dc clients and optimizes which net they will take on outbound traffic.

We love the box and so do our customers!

This type of investment in our infrastructure will allow us to continue to move ahead in a leadership position amongst the top 10 dedicated hosts globally and one of the top 50 ISP's globally.

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Route Science - contact [email protected]