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    * Killer Hamsters!

    they're here and they're deadly!

    lock up your pet owners, this is a serious threat!!!
    <erno> hm. I've lost a machine.. literally _lost_. it responds to ping, it works completely, I just can't figure out where in my apartment it is.

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    I never knew that they were deadly,i never liked hamsters much, very interesting article though.
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    Interesting read, I`ll watch out the mine keep their jaws locked from now on, I`ve learnt that you must wash before handling them, then they don`t try and nibble you.
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    Bad hamster, BAD! Now anyone knows what happened to the hamster?... I'd give it 2 yrs of jail (in a little cup).
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    They only live for about 2 years anyway lol unless you have a son like mine, that decided to run around the house in his peddle cart and ram into one of the rolling hammy balls, the poor things leg was pushed through the seal that had opened and then when the cart was moved it closed, hammy1 was limping all night.
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    I love hamsters and my hamster loved me. I named my chesley and would give it a kiss once in a while because it loved me back because I treated it right.

    I had a rabbit once name bubs who would hope in my room, bed, etc and use a litter box for the bathroom. She was a good rabbit. I remember when I was young and after I brushed my teeth she would nibble on my lip because of the toothpaste. I really liked to hold her because it was good rabbit. Its unfornate we had to put her in a cage that had 2 levels... she fell off the top level and broke he neck. I tried to make her feel comfortable and help her, but she died.
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    "anaphylactic shock" Same thing happens when a person that is allergic to a bee gets stung by one... He probably didn't know he was allergic, otherwise would have had an EPI PEN handy..
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