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    Thumbs down 6' 250 lb man refuses to buy 2 seats on Southwest Airlines

    OAKLAND, Calif. -- Southwest Airlines is facing yet another lawsuit from a passenger complaining of size discrimination. A California man says he was humiliated when Southwest employees asked him to buy a second seat on a flight because he looked too large for just one. Lionel Bea calls himself a man of "ample proportion" -- saying he's 6-feet tall and weighed 250 pounds when he refused to buy a second seat on a plane.
    Read the entire article here -

    I have always been a fan on Southwest Airlines with their low fares, but this will most likely seal the deal that I will no longer use them. I am also of an ample proportion according to this mans size, however would be quite offended if they told me I would need to get a second seat. Thats just obsurd, yes, I agree maybe their should be a limit, however is a 6' 250 lb. person really that fat to need 2 seats?
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    I'm not so sure about "size descrimination" exactly, if he was "asked" or required (article didn't say really), but I think airlines don't have it easy when it comes to this sort of thing. You wouldn't think someone a 6' 250 lb. person would need two seats. I'm 6'1" and ~200lbs. and I wouldn't think another 50lbs. would do me in (though I'd rather not see just for the purposes of testing). Maybe 50lbs. more would, I really don't know. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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    a man of that size should not need two seats. Trust me... i know.

    BTW: I hate it when people blame fast food chains for "making" them "fat".

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    It's for the safety and comfort of other passengers.

    I don't think there is a set weight, but while watching the tv show 'airline' I noted that it seems to come down to whether both armrests can be lowered without any 'spillage'

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    I am 6'1 and 230 lbs and I have absolutely no problem with "spillage". If anything it's my long legs hitting the back of the seat in front of me that is a problem, IMHO. Asking the man to buy two seats is utterly ubsurd as 20 lbs doesn't add that much extra baggage around the sides over someone my size.

    Personally I always make sure I sit on an exit row, bulkhead row, or any seat in the first couple rows of coach as they all usually have more leg room (which I need with my longer legs).
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    I'm 5'9" and at my worst I weighed 240; way, way overweight (ideal weight for me is 170-180). I was flying on business a lot back then and never had any problem with "spillage", being asked to buy a second seat, etc. And I looked big.

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    I saw this on TV, they asked him (not sure if it's the same person) to put the arm rest down, and if he can fully put it down it would be Ok for him to have just one ticket. Unfortunately, a lady could not put the arm rest down and they told her she had to buy another ticket (she didn't though, but they did not allow her on the plane).

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    <blunt opinion/facts; some may be offended>

    I do not mean to insult overweight or obese people, but America has a serious obesity problem. Nearly 2/3 of all Americans are overweight, and I believe it is 1/4 or 1/3 of those are considered obese. Is that not pathetic? And please don't blame fast food chains; all they want to do is make money, they aren't in this secret "conspiracy" to make people fat or fatter.

    I am not overweight nor obese, and to be blunt it is unappetizing when I am eating an otherwise pleasant lunch to see this 5'8" 350-pound lady walk in with her family (which consists of an utterly obese husband and chunky children) and order this ENORMOUS amount of food! It is just not right to treat your body that way! Think about what your heart goes through to pump blood through those clogged arteries.

    That is not to say it is hard for people to control their tendencies, but it is not impossible. So those of you who are obese or severely overweight, you can go from 300 pounds to 180. I've personally witnessed a family member do it. And she didn't use medication or deadly 800-calorie diets either.

    </blunt opinion/facts; some may be offended>

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    In the next couple of years (1-3 yrs), Obesity will be a diease of it's own.

    And I think he should have bought 2 seats, 1 seat at regular price, 1 seat at half price. Why? Well imagine if you were the person sitting next to him. No offense to anyone, but 240lbs is BIG.

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    Get the second seat, or don't fly. Easy as that. The airline have the right to refuse a customer for any or no reason at all. All the airline need to say is "we refuse to fly this person for no reason what so ever" and there's nothing the court can do about it.

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    240 lbs is not large.

    I'm 6'1" and down to 210 from 245 -- trust me I wore a 36 in waist -- that is not even close to Too Big!!

    at 5 7-9 250 may be huge, but someone who is 6' and 250 is not a really big man.

    and yes, fast food was a contributing factor to weighing in at 245
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    Originally posted by Rob83
    In the next couple of years (1-3 yrs), Obesity will be a diease of it's own.

    I think it was medicare or what ever it is called considers it a diease? I heard it on tv some where.
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    I weigh 230 pounds and i'm the size of 2 men. Its due to my body frame that makes look bigger than the average person. I'm actually one of a few who has "big bones". If you measure my wrist bone its at least 3 - 4 inches wide.
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    Perhaps they were discriminating against him,OR they just wanted an excuse to extract more $$ from him,i dunno........

    Not nice though regardless.........

    Thanx 4 the report Hello&Co

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    Big bones...please...I used the same excuse when I was 260 (I'm 6'4). Now I'm at 180. Why should the other people on the airplane be made uncomfortable? You might not think there is spillage but you don't see it or don't want to believe it. I did the same thing when I was overweight. Made excuses for my fatness. When I stopped over eating junk and started exercising everyday I lost the weight and saw the light. It's nice not being out of breath all the time and not worrying if I'm going to be charged for two seats by the airlines.

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