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    Exclamation apache problems.. HELP!

    Hello, was supposed to install a backup drive. I noticed a spec of downtime, then we believed they were configuring the drive. Its been an hour, no word from them.

    In the meanwhile..... APACHE KEEPS ON FAILING!!!

    We continuously try to restart, but no luck. We did this from SSH/WHM and it either says "apache not started" or "apache failed"

    Please help, I would very very much appreciate help

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    What does "httpd configtest" show over ssh?

    - Matt

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    I am loggin in through my reseller, then "su root"

    I typed that in, says "cannot find command"

    httpd configtest
    bash: httpd: command not found

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    /usr/sbin/httpd configtest

    If you are going to use reseller account to be root add folowing line to you .bash_profile. ( If you use bash. Other shell there is proper command to do that )

    export PATH

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    thanks guys.. figured the problem. A cPanel account was in the wrong "group" so i deleted it and its working fine again

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