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Thread: bandwidth issue

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    bandwidth issue

    Hi Guys/Girls

    I have just noticed one of my server jump to over 300% of its usual bandwidth usage ( using mrtg )

    how can i actually tell who has started to use so much so suddenly?

    All the sites are on virtual hosting ( no dedicated ip ) and the box is a Plesk 2.0 machine, so how can i actually telly what going on, i.e what logs should i look at apache access_log? and also how can i view these in a more friendly and easir to read manner, ( not cat or pico etc ) is there a tool i can use to analyse the logs?

    thanx i really need to get to the bottom of this asap, the server is killing a lot of bandwidth right now


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    The easiest way would be to look at each domain in PSA. Go to the "reports" section of each domain, and you can see who's bandwith is high. These reports are run at 4am though, so it's not up to the minute. You could also check webalizer for each as well.

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