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  1. #1, scam?? their affiliate programm.


    i advertised, generated 70 sign ups.

    it is near $5k commission I have to receive.

    But, there is no response to my support tickets about the pay out of commission.

    Anybody working / worked with them?

    Receiv(ing)/(ed) commission from them?

    Your opinion please.


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    Hello neonko, Welcome to WHT!

    have you tried the search button?


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    Have you tried calling them as well ?

    I would stop promoting them and just use CJ.

    At least you know you will get paid.

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    hi activeforce.

    thank you.

    i saw some topics about bluehost.

    they are good in hosting solution,

    but i've not seen information about their affiliate program.

    I want to hear like : "Yes, they are perfect, they are paying"

    they have amazing convert

    26 visitors to 1 sign up.


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    hi visor24,

    no, i didn't call them, because i am not english speaking man.

    btw, what is reason you are going to stop promoting they?
    have you been paid by them at least one time?


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    5k$ is lot of money, try to speak few them. Please do a search on sitepoint forum affiliate section, there they have post about most affiliate program...

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    i've never used their affiliate program. according to their site, they dont pay right away. there is a lag, esp for those outside america. here's a quote from their site:

    New signups must stay a minimum of 45 days for affiliate bounty to be paid.
    Affiliates are paid twice a month after the first pay period criteria is met.
    All affiliates will be paid 45 days from the end of any given pay period. EXAMPLE: Affiliates would be paid on May 15th for signups generated during March 15th-March 31. EXAMPLE: Affiliates would be paid on May 30th for signups generated during April 1st-April 15th.
    Affiliates must generate affiliate bounty of $100 or more before first check will be sent. After the first $100 there is no minimum to be met.

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    they DON'T WANT TO PAY

    i stayed minimum of 45 days after sign-ups,
    i had to be paid few weeks ago, but have no results.

    they wrote me that i have to call they via phone,

    i replyed: i can't to call you because my English is too bad.

    after it, they didn't respons on any of my emails.

    Hey, bluehost, are you honest with your advertizers?


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    Just because your english isn't good, doesnt excuse you from following their procedures for the affiliate program. If they require you to call them, then you have to call them.

    As with any affiliate program, you need to jump through the hoops.

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    As with any affiliate program, you need to jump through the hoops.
    Most affiliate programs that I know of don't have such hops. I agree however with amish_geek that you should do whatever they ask you to do. $5000 is a lot of money, who cares if you have to be on the phone spelling your words, the effort is worth it IMHO. Hopefully you don't live in a country that they don't pay out to as that would be a very serious problem.

    So, phone them if that's what they asked you to do. Good luck!

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    I do affiliate marketing for a living fulltime

    and I can guarantee you.. you should have dumped them long ago....

    second I would contact them and tell them you will be taking legal action ...

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    Hi folks,
    very interesting thread - any other bad experience with unreliable affiliate hosts? Please be specific - I would like to hear some concrete names... 5 grand loss - what a nightmare!

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    needahostter - thanks/

    i sent them link on this thread, but there is no action from their side.

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    no reply

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    Ask them if they have a.. whatever language you speak representative. (Or go to your friends and ask them to speak for you)

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    Actually, there was a reply, they told you to call them. You have not called them about it. I dunno, seems like the ball is in your court now. I would not go to calling them a "scam" because I have not seen anything that would prove they are a scam at this point.

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    they ignoring my messages now,

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    Probably because you insist on using email. Contact them by phone as they asked you to. Are you willing to lose $5000 because of a phone call?

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