When I signed up in January Rob, the then owner, was always very responsive and quick to reply to any support issues (of which I had a few while setting up the account). Since then they have been taken over by another firm (I forget who) and their support in the last couple of days has been less than satisfactory.

On the night of 12 > 13/9 my reseller account on went down. I get the impression from their (non) support forums that this was a problem with the server. As such I was less than impressed when I had to spend an hour or more with support through their liveperson doodad to get it online again.

When it came back online I had no less than 4 "resold" accounts missing. Two personal, two belonging to friends. Despite filing tickets to the contrary only one's content has been restored (as of today 15/9) but even this site is non-accessable to the web. Was this a business venture for me rather than for personal usage I would have just lost 3 client's personal data rather than 2 storage accounts and 2 friends'. Less than impressed, guys! Communication (mostly from me to them) is... "ongoing"