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    * [Seeking] PhotoPost/ReviewPost license

    I am searching for a used PhotoPost and/or ReviewPost license. To my understanding on their website the licenses are transferrable, and I wish to purchase this as if I were a used vBulletin license.

    So if you have one or both of these please PM me a price you'd sell them to me for. I will need some sort of information to verify that you have a valid license with the PhotoPost/ReviewPost people. Remember it's one license per domain so if you sell me yours you could not use it legally on your site anymore.


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    I would be willing to sell my license for $70.00. It's currently registered to [email protected] and assigned to

    If you are interested - let me know via PM/IM/E-Mail and we can sort out the details.

    I'm not sure how a mod would go about verifing the license. There is no support, but you can renew it for $39.00, I think that's what he is charging now.
    [email protected]

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