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    Hostbet / Bid4hosting

    Hi all,

    It was mentioned before on the forum, quote some months ago; about .

    Basically they were up for a good year or so taking lots of orders and what not and then they just dissapeared. About a month after the downtime they put up a notice saying they had a disagreement with their datacentre and had lost all data but would be back up shortly. That stayed up for about 3 months and then they went down again... although I contacted the owner via email and phone no action was taken with my domain so it was lost to him. Then over the last 5 or 6 months the website has been coming up for a month or so, taking orders and then closing down again with people loosing their domains and the money they paid for yearly hosting etc ( I have spoken to a few people hit like I was ).

    Recently all the domains that were owned by have had their WHOIS info updated to info. I have contacted both the original owner of and ( who has a forum account here ) and neither have replied.

    After speaking to ENOM I was informed that bid4hosting was now the owner of the ENOM account but could not be told if they were actually the original owner also ( I find it hard to beleive that someone would simply sell an ENOM account full of other peoples domains ). They told me that they would be in contact with the owner and if nothing was heard within a week the domain would be transferred to my own ENOM account.

    Has anyone else had any experience or have any idea whats going on?

    I intend to PM bid4hosting and ask them to make a comment on this thread with whats happening.

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    Just checked the WHOIS on my domain again... its now changed back to saying its owned by 5 WHOIS changes on the domain.
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    Well its been awhile and no posts on this thread from bid4hosting but I have had a PM from them asking what the domain was.

    I have requested they post on this thread since there are alot of users who have contacted me explaining they have had the exact same problem and its about time someone owned up and explained whats going on.
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    Um bid4hosting have read my PM's but refuse to comment on this thread. Any ideas people?
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    The user has just given me the password to my domain for access via ENOM but wont comment on who he is in relation to hostbet, where my money went or anything. I want to know if they're scammers or not. They come up for a few months, take orders, disappear over and over.
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    Please don't keep bumping this thread. If anyone was going to help, they would have by now.
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