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    Talking listing...parking...where, howto?

    I have taken #24 .info domain names for free thru and I would try to sell them...ok this is quite obvious.
    I would set up a custom page, with my design for presenting each site and have these pages listed ,for the visitor to view and to place an offer

    I also noticed that it is possible to earn some money in the while
    with parking , that would be not bad...

    I wonder if it is possible to list my domains in several places.

    Is it possible to join different parking programs?

    what are the step to do this? Where?

    Other suggestion to earn money?

    Forgive me for my questions but I am new in this business and may be a little confused.....
    Any help welcome

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    try some of free domin selling sites.

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    12,200 offers a nice setup with keyword optimization and detailed stats. I must tell you though that .info domains are low in the food chain.

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    Originally posted by RADiSTAR
    I must tell you though that .info domains are low in the food chain.
    nice definition....

    to me is a cheap way to get started in this business .

    I have listed on sedo I have send an e-mail to them asking for some info but I got no replies yet.

    What keyword do you mean, where do I put these keywords?

    Anyway I would like start a tread about the value of domain names.
    Is not the extension, nor the lenght, what make a name to be a good name .

    For istance if you have a site dedicated to museum what do you think the people would search to find you a name like www. or ? In this case would be even better than!( would sound too much commercial)

    I hope to receive some helpful info( ) from this post.

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    I think there actually is a .museum tld.. havent seen it used though..

    there is a forum for domain appraisals you can try there...

    having a popular domain name is not just the name itself but its promotion. a domain that already is popular is offcourse worth much more...

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    Survey of 6 different programs:

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    click on mylistings then click on domain parking, then click on optimization it will show your names. then use google, typein a relative keyword ,the links that appear on right are paid listings that will appear if you put that keyword in optimization section of sedo.

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    Also try DomainHop you have lot of options to choose from.
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    If you're trying to sell domains, .com is still the preferred
    domain type. I do not know if anyone is going to buy a .info
    from you at premium prices. Most people tend to default to
    .com. Its a strong old habit. But who knows, habits might change
    gradually over enough time.

    People go after .info for several reasons:

    1. The person is really attached to their brand name. They own the .com, .net, .org, and like having a complete set. They go for
    the .info at a reasonable registration price if the name available.
    However, I doubt these people will be willing to pay a large premium to someone else for a .info domain.

    2. Their favorite name is already taken in the .com, .net, and they
    take the available .info as a secondary alternative. If it is their second or third choice, they will not be willing to pay as much for the domain name.

    3. They speculate that the .info is worth something or will be
    worth something later on.

    Either way, .info domains work on the internet, so people who
    do network administration can still use shorter available .info domains for testing purposes.
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    and Web Hosting

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    actually I have signed with SEDO and also with afternic, still learning how to manage the best way.

    I am revieving for PPC programs but it is very difficult to understand what is the best, so I am spending a lot of time reading on forums and visiting sites and agreement terms........

    I agree with your arguments and usually a .com is generally preferred, best if short (if meaningful) and without dash (if not required...I found some exception where a dash must be used!) so the value of a .com is generally higher but what I mean is that
    the value of a name is given if it make sense for that business , appropriate extension included.

    In the meanwhile I want to tanks all the kind persons who are participating here for the good tips.

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