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    Commission Based Sales - Web Hosting/Ecommerce

    We are seeking a commission based sales representative for our sales department.

    This position can be done remotely. All that is needed an an incoming phone line, ability to check and respond to email, and ability to make call-backs to customers.

    Interested parties should have good knowledge of internet solutions such as web hosting, ecommerce and web master tools. We are looking for someone who can close incoming sales inquiries as well as prospect for new leads/sales.

    Commissions from 20-40%

    Please review product line here:


    Please reply via PM or to smc-sales [at] ***************.com

    Thanks in advance!

    Steve McDonald
    smc technologies

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    Our last post did not have full details - so we are adding them now..

    We are a small software development company seeking a sales rep to head up our inbound sales department. We provide ecommerce solutions, webmaster tools and vertical market software solutions - as well as ecommerce hosting and web hosting.

    We are looking for one individual to essentially be the main point of contact for all new sales inquiries, as our control center is being developed overseas - and we have our hands full with customer support, custom projects and our existing customer base.

    This is a perfect job for someone who works from a home office or telecommutes. Duties would include:

    - Fielding all incoming sales calls during business hours 9am-5pm Eastern
    - Answering all incoming sales emails
    - Phone follow up to all "trial customers" - approx 3-7 trial-signups per week for various software solutions
    - Monitoring and chatting with customers on our online chat system for "sales"
    - Prospecting for new business

    On any given week, there are approx 6-20 sales inquiries through all the channels mentioned above for varied products. This number will increase as our marketing efforts begin next month. We project between $500-$2000 net commissions per month in commissions for inbound sales only - assuming 10% close rate on all incoming sales channels. We expect this figure to increase over the course of 6 months as we increase marketing efforts and residual commissions are applied..

    Initial contract and compensation would be commissioned for 6 months - with a goal of a second contract with commission + base or draw scenario once we have historical data of sales performance.

    Compensation details:

    - 35% all software solutions and custom modification requests
    - 50% all hosted solutions, web hosting and premium support services
    - Residual commission for all hosting accounts for max of 12 months (Assuming individual proceeds to 2nd contract after 6 months)


    - Phone expenses are paid by company by use of company calling card


    - Must have at least 2-3 years experience in internet sales
    - Must have solid background in closing phone-based sales
    - Must have thorough experience of general internet technologies, ie, web hosting, email, ecommerce, etc
    - Must have identaring or phone line able to receive transferred calls from our sales line
    - Must have dedicated internet access - to monitor online chat and do product walkthroughs with customers on phone
    - Must have demonstrated ability in closing internet based sales

    Looking to fill this position the week of September 5th as soon as possible.

    Please send resume to steve@***************.com. More about us at www.***************.com

    Please PM me with questions.

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